Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Week 29

Just a couple pics from yesterday's appt. Again, he was face down and scrunched up. Sorry no great pictures. He is growing big and doesn't have as much space as he used to. Dr said he was about 1.4 kg (which is 3.1 pounds)!

Doodle all balled up
(His head is on the right and the Dr. is checking
his food supply)

And this my friends is a part of the reason why we can't see his face.
He made little fists and hid his face behind them.
I think he wants to keep us in suspense and make a grand debut in a few months!
What a tease.


  1. ultrasounds pics are so fun! AC did that the entire time too.. her hands were ALWAYS up by her face.. she does that a lot outside the womb now too.. funny how they have a personality before they are even born!! I want to see see a pic of you both now!!! show me that belly!!!

  2. How fun! I can't wait to see actual photos of your little boy :)

  3. how exciting!!! we are so happy for your guys! hope your feeling good!