Saturday, February 25, 2012

di Blasio

So For V day this year, Ryan surprised me and took me to a concert of some dude named Di Blasio. He is a pianist and since Ryan and I are big fans of piano music it sounded like a good idea. When we entered the auditorium, where he was playing, we were surprised to see how packed it was. Who was this guy anyway ?
We sat down and after the guy played his first song we both just looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be good. and it was! He was an incredible pianist and I got chills from several of his songs. The most impressive moment of the night was a song where his hands were moving so fast that it showed up on the side monitors as a blur. Seriously looked like he was karate chopping the instrument. It was incredible. I took a video of the ceiling just to record the music. Enjoy the karate chop part! (also, this is the very end of the karate chopping, but he seriously hacked that instrument for prob a good solid 60 seconds, at least)

This pianist was a very sarcastic Argentine, so he totally knew how to run the show. I feel like some of his music is a little dated with the backup insturments, but his piano music was classic and truly beautiful. I love watching artists perform, it gets me all gitty. You could really FEEL the music when this man touched the keys.
It was a romantic night and since it was V Day, he played the majority romance music. It was very sweet. Here is a little jig of romance too.

ps, nice job this V Day Fronk!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 4th Sweetheart!

like my new boots? thanks for the anniversary gift Fronk!

Ryan and I just came up on our fourth anniversary.
We enjoyed a mellow weekend, considering that our anniversary landed on a Sunday this year. On Saturday night we went out for dinner. I had originally wanted to go to a place called Maria y su Bici, but considering that it is mostly outdoors and the rain has barely stopped this weekend, we decided to skip that one. We didn't really have a back up so we went to check out a little French restaurant. We decided it would be better to visit that place for lunch. Finally we opted for an Argentine Parrilla, that always smells so good when we pass it. Well, go figure, we valet the car get inside and it's a family restaurant with a play area and kids running around. Not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well. Again, it was an extremely mellow weekend, and instead of stessing the small stuff, I was content to just go and do whatever happened.
The next morning we had our traditional anniversary breakfast, but again instead of going all out, we opted for simple waffles loaded with berries and whipped cream. Berries are hard to come by here (except strawberries), so this was a treat.
That afternoon we had church and since Ryan is in the bishopric, he goes to church early and stays late. It makes for a long day. I asked him if he wouldn't mind handing off some of the responsibilities just this once so that we could go home at a normal time and enjoy a nice picnic in the park. We LOVE the park, oh, have I already mentioned that a million times in other posts?! sorry. Well, as I said, it rained the WHOLE weekend, so that one got Xd out. Instead, Ryan finished his responsibilities at church and came home to a nice meal filled with his favorite cheeses. Cheese seems to be another tradition for our anniversary, since it tends to make the man happy (and also, he just so happens to fall in love with the expensive french stuff, so he sees it lightly throughout the year).
Anyways, that just about sums up the majority of our celebrating. It was much more low key than what we have done in the past, but for some reason, it was just right this year. Just simply doing what sounded best and if things got messed up, oh well. I must say, that with an attitude like this, I would definitely say our marriage is maturing. Just content with a mellow weekend with each other and our little Easton.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Shawn, Britney and Mexico!

We had a fantastic week with Shawn and Britney. They left yesterday and the house seems so empty since then. I really loved the time we had with them and wish it wasn't over yet!
We spent a couple days in Queretaro and a couple outside of the city. The first two days we went to Centro, the parks, drank Horchata and indulged in tacos!

This first picture was at a park in Centro. It was so funny cause after walking around a bit, Britney and I spotted a television camera. Instinctively we tried to make a big circle around them, to avoid them. The two dudes and the camera guy, instead, walked towards us. They asked if they could interview us for galavision on televisa. Sure, why not? It was awesome. We had Violet with us and not two seconds after the camera started rolling and the guy started to ask us why we like Queretaro, Violet started to lick her crotch. A few minutes later she was sniffing the man's crotch. Hahaha. Ryan just kept laughing and I was trying to discreetly mumble to him to pull her away. Yup, that would be the Franks for you. We had also previously mentioned to the guys that Brit and Shawn don't speak Spanish. He told them just to say "si" after any question he aimed at them. They unsuredly kept saying "si" throughout the questions, it was pretty funny! oh what a good memory!

Now what visit to Mexico could be complete without a visit to the taco stands!? They were, as usual, amazing. I also remembered to take my camera with us this time to have pictures of one of our favorite places in Queretaro, the stand with the "green guys". On a side note, Ryan and I made a calendar of all the places we will visit one last time before we move. Of course tacos is on the list a few times. When we went a couple weeks ago, I forgot my camera, but I will try to remember to take pictures of the other spots we have on the calendar and get them blogged.
Mmmm, the big hunk of meat in the picture on the right, is the meat for tacos al Pastor, my absolute favorite! I could eat them every night!

MMMMmmm, Salsa!!

We also took two day trips. One was to the geyser, which is where we had taken Brandon and Sarah when they visited. It's where this geyser fills maybe thirty pools of varying sizes. They have little cabanas and you just sit around hanging out and soaking in hot water. Easton LOVES it and was in the water almost the whole time. There is also a very daring zip line that I described in the post with Brandon and Sarah, back in November.

The second day trip was to Leon, where there are large malls of shoes. It is soo fun and every time I go I think of a few of my sisters and mothers, cause I know they would just love it! Britney is one of those and it was so fun to show her. The girl for sure did some damage. The trunk full of shoes is majority hers:)

Thank you Britney and Shawn, for visiting us!!! We had so much fun and are missing you two so much!! You are excellent guests and I felt like I went on vacation to you instead of vice versa! Thank you for all your patience with me and Easton! (He was pretty clingy and whiney while they were here. I wish those teeth would just come in already! )