Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy 4th Sweetheart!

like my new boots? thanks for the anniversary gift Fronk!

Ryan and I just came up on our fourth anniversary.
We enjoyed a mellow weekend, considering that our anniversary landed on a Sunday this year. On Saturday night we went out for dinner. I had originally wanted to go to a place called Maria y su Bici, but considering that it is mostly outdoors and the rain has barely stopped this weekend, we decided to skip that one. We didn't really have a back up so we went to check out a little French restaurant. We decided it would be better to visit that place for lunch. Finally we opted for an Argentine Parrilla, that always smells so good when we pass it. Well, go figure, we valet the car get inside and it's a family restaurant with a play area and kids running around. Not exactly what I had in mind, but oh well. Again, it was an extremely mellow weekend, and instead of stessing the small stuff, I was content to just go and do whatever happened.
The next morning we had our traditional anniversary breakfast, but again instead of going all out, we opted for simple waffles loaded with berries and whipped cream. Berries are hard to come by here (except strawberries), so this was a treat.
That afternoon we had church and since Ryan is in the bishopric, he goes to church early and stays late. It makes for a long day. I asked him if he wouldn't mind handing off some of the responsibilities just this once so that we could go home at a normal time and enjoy a nice picnic in the park. We LOVE the park, oh, have I already mentioned that a million times in other posts?! sorry. Well, as I said, it rained the WHOLE weekend, so that one got Xd out. Instead, Ryan finished his responsibilities at church and came home to a nice meal filled with his favorite cheeses. Cheese seems to be another tradition for our anniversary, since it tends to make the man happy (and also, he just so happens to fall in love with the expensive french stuff, so he sees it lightly throughout the year).
Anyways, that just about sums up the majority of our celebrating. It was much more low key than what we have done in the past, but for some reason, it was just right this year. Just simply doing what sounded best and if things got messed up, oh well. I must say, that with an attitude like this, I would definitely say our marriage is maturing. Just content with a mellow weekend with each other and our little Easton.


  1. I can't even wrap my mind around how gorgeous you are. What a smokin couple! Sure do miss ya han!

    1. Brown! Love and miss you! Hope all is going well near the everglades!

  2. Happy 4th Anniversary! I can't believe it's been four years since your wedding. And I completely know what you mean about just being mellow. I know some people look at it as losing the spark or something like that, but I think it's more about being content. I'm way happier now than I was when we got married.

    You guys are so adorable--and I love your boots. :)

    1. So true! So much happier and content in my marriage!

  3. Happy 4th Fronks!

    I love you two.

    ps- great boots! where did you get those from???