Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Monte Blanco 3

Easton and I have a lot of fun with the kids in our neighborhood. We live in a small gated neighborhood, so all of the kids have free reign of the outdoors. Some of our favorite and closest neighbor kids are the Hernandez' two houses down. I mentioned Mariana Hernandez in my birthday post. She has two younger sisters as well, Michi and Millie. Many times we find ourselves wandering to each others homes.
Mariana is Easton very first friend. He loves her more than anybody, aside from his parents. He calls her Mayiana and gets slightly hysterical when he sees her off in the distance. Mariana is very good to him and totes him around on her hip. Wherever Mariana is, you will find Easton very nearby. It is very sweet. I don't know what we will do when the Hernandez family moves next month. It isn't just to a nearby, new house either. It's all the way in Texas. I am excited for the opportunities there family will find there, but extremely sad to see them go.
Mario and Gaby are awesome parents. The type you try to watch, in hope that your own child will turn out like theirs if you follow suit.

Anyways, there are several other neighborhood kids that meander over to our house whenever our door is open, which is pretty much left open in the afternoons. As it has been quite warm here, we have been revving up the snow cone machine whenever the kids are out. Such a simple thing to sit on the front stoop eating snow cones with the neighborhood chilluns, but oh so memorable! I am pretty sure the kids enjoy it too!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Puerta Vallarta

Puerta Vallarta was a wonderful family trip. We loved all the time that we were able to spend with each other.
We opted to rent a condo instead of a hotel and it ended up being a very smart idea. We were able to preserve nap time for Easton and Ryan and I weren't strapped to a hotel room during that time. It was like a small apartment that had everything we needed. It was also on a quiet beach just a little South from town. For us, it was perfect. It was peaceful, comfortable and there was hardly anybody on the beach or pool, as it is the off season. From the pictures you can tell, it was pretty overcast as well. Normally, I would have wanted to see more sun, but considering we get so much in Queretaro, we were happy to have clouds while we played on the beach. There was actually a hurricane rolling through when we were there. Though "hurricane" sound intimidating, it usually doesn't mean more than some rain. For us it meant, about 2 hours of rain in the early evening. Something, I had no problem with! It was quite warm and humid. Strangely, I enjoyed some of the humidity. My skin and nails were loving it! haha. 
We really didn't do too much. We were just happy to lounge around in bathing suits all day. It was so fun to do whatever we wanted without any responsibilities. This was the first time in four and a half years that we have had this! 
We will def be doing this more frequently! 
We did venture out of the house daily to enjoy some of the surrounding activites. We went to town a couple times, shopped around, went to the Zoo and were sure to eat some fresh seafood, well at least for me. 
Easton was a champ!! WOW! I never thought vacationing with him would be easier. He took two naps a day and was a very good boy while he was awake! Again, I loved the condo idea cause it allowed him to keep his schedule, and therefore be much happier. 
We also drove to and from Puerta Vallarta. We were somewhat deceived with the distance. Many individuals who we had asked said that the trip was 6-7 hours long. Since we usually drive faster than the average Joe, I wasn't expecting to be in the car for any longer than 6 hours, but oh no!! It was 8.5 hours!! We got a little antsy towards the end of the trip but surprise surprise, it wasn't Easton asking if we were there yet, but Ryan!! haha. In fact, Easton was amazing the entire car ride! Again, I was so surprised and anticipating a stressful ride. Let me just say, I LOVE the Ipad! Easton watched his favorite movie 3-4 times each way. Between naps and the movies, you hardly knew he was in the backseat. ah, I love that kid!
So after all is said and done, the trip was wonderful! Ryan was totally in lala land with all the free time. We came back much closer as a family and rejuvenated for our daily lives!

This is about as close as Easton wanted to get to the waves. He didn't care for so much movement in his water!

But, Easton did love the sand.

There were continually Pelicans fishing close the beach. We would watch them from the balcony as they dove for fish and rested on the water.