Friday, May 28, 2010


Better? I think I like this background much more, personally... Though, I take a LONG time to make decisions... so, this might change again.
Leslie, just tell me when you want to skype... and Ill show you! xo

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Not sure what I think about this background... just playing around, but don't have time tonight to continue searching... what do you think, too busy and keep looking or let it stay? And be honest, my feelings really won't be hurt

Sunday, May 9, 2010


This top picture is one that my Dad took. This was such a fun place to go to!

This is the next beach down. It was beautiful and I think I liked it better than the one we stayed at. It reminded me a little bit more of a Nicaraguan beach.

Here is Ryan and I and our friend Gustavo!
Oreo anyone?
This is Ixtapa, a beach about five hours from where we live. We went for a few days a week ago. Ryan had a bunch of meetings so it was pretty quiet for me, but I read quite a bit by the pool sipping on all you can drink Pina Coladas, a personal favorite!
We were there for Ryan's birthday and I tried to make it fun and special, but Ryan had meetings most of the day. Of course I don't think he was complaining though because it was all you can eat buffets and they played volleyball only the day before, some of Ryan's most favorite things.
Over all it was a great trip and I hope we can make it back soon!