Saturday, February 25, 2012

di Blasio

So For V day this year, Ryan surprised me and took me to a concert of some dude named Di Blasio. He is a pianist and since Ryan and I are big fans of piano music it sounded like a good idea. When we entered the auditorium, where he was playing, we were surprised to see how packed it was. Who was this guy anyway ?
We sat down and after the guy played his first song we both just looked at each other and smiled. This was going to be good. and it was! He was an incredible pianist and I got chills from several of his songs. The most impressive moment of the night was a song where his hands were moving so fast that it showed up on the side monitors as a blur. Seriously looked like he was karate chopping the instrument. It was incredible. I took a video of the ceiling just to record the music. Enjoy the karate chop part! (also, this is the very end of the karate chopping, but he seriously hacked that instrument for prob a good solid 60 seconds, at least)

This pianist was a very sarcastic Argentine, so he totally knew how to run the show. I feel like some of his music is a little dated with the backup insturments, but his piano music was classic and truly beautiful. I love watching artists perform, it gets me all gitty. You could really FEEL the music when this man touched the keys.
It was a romantic night and since it was V Day, he played the majority romance music. It was very sweet. Here is a little jig of romance too.

ps, nice job this V Day Fronk!

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