Monday, March 12, 2012

Where to begin!?

we have been busy!
Ryan picked up Easton and I from the airport on Saturday from our two week trip to Texas and Wisconsin. I had been up since four that morning and crashed at a ripe 8:30 and didn't wake up for another twelve hours. The return trip was fine, but just a little tricky with a little kid. Thankfully, the four hour flight was accompanied by a young neighbor who was so tolerant of Easton throwing his chewed up cookie on him and incessant attempts to touch his sweater, earphones and just about anything else. Easton has also started kicking the seat in front of him where ever we are and no matter how quick I am to pull his feet away he successfully gets a jab or two in. Poor airplane folk.
Besides that I somehow managed to haul three suitcases, a jumbo car seat, and a squirmy child through customs and immigration. That is always the anticipated part! It all worked with ease though and somehow I managed to keep up my energy.
As I saw Ryan pull up to the curb to pick us up, it was like a glowing angel exited the car to come rescue me. ahh, I love Fronk! The ride home was nice to share, especially considering that waiting at home for us were four guests from Utah. One of several families stayed with us for the Youth Tremestral program this weekend. They were so kind and very easy to have around. When I woke up that following morning, the one after the 12 hour slumber, I found a rose on the kitchen counter with all the dishes done. That about sums up this family. So awesome. They left this morning and now I remember just how quiet this house can be. It's nice to be home and I am anxious to finish weaning Easton and get this kid sleeping through the night, but I do miss all the fun we have had.
I have about a half dozen more posts coming from the past three weeks. Oh yes, they have been busy and eventful. So stay tuned for more updates!

Oh and one last thing... have I mentioned that Ryan and I will now be staying in Mexico until January? This last trip made me sad to wait another 9 months to go home, but on the flip side, I am ecstatic to enjoy some more amazing weather and tacos. It is a balmy 70 degrees with the birds singing. AND I no longer need to lather on the lotion from dry skin, nope the weather is just right! such a highlight, no? :)
So many mixed emotions from the news, though. I was looking forward to going home and was getting everything rolling in that direction, but at the same time the news brought a bit of relief and happiness to spend a little more time here. I think I am sixes about where we are right now, but more than anything I am a bit jostled from all this whiplash of "we're staying" "we're going" "we're staying" "we're going". I just want to get the show on the road no matter where we are. So as my resolution to settle a little more here, I am signing up for a gym pass next week and planting flowers in the front yard. nine months shnine months:)

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  1. Skype me pleeeeeease! I haven't talked to you in forever-literally, a year! So you need to call me on Skype sometime so I can see Easton and hear all about MExico and the wedding! anna.tew

    get on sometime!