Friday, March 16, 2012

My baby turned one!!!

Day One Year One

Where did the time go!? I am sure many mother's feel the same when there baby's turn one, cause I totally want to cry at the thought. My friend laughed when I told her the thought was depressing to me, but it's true. First birthday today, leaving on a mission tomorrow! Okay okay, I may be jumping the gun a little, but I just can't get over how big he is getting!
So at one, here are a few fun facts about Bool...
1. He still LOVES books and has since he was about two months old, I kid you not.
2. He is a GREAT cuddler and a very sweet boy. Oftentimes when he is playing, he will just randomly take a break to crawl to me and hug me for a couple minutes. Then he will resume right where he left off with his toys.
3. He loves to climb these days and never ceases to surprise me when I find him on the desk, in a basket or somehow weaseled himself into all the clean, folded laundry
4. He has six teeth in! and more on the way.
5. Eats like a bird... it takes him an hour or two to finish a six ounce bottle as he only eats an ounce or two at a time. And though eating has been a challenge with Easton since day one, I was shocked and extremely grateful when that one sweet Monday rolled around when Easton decided to wean himself. He went from four mom feedings a day to one, which only existed to help myself with my milk anti-production. I could almost cry with how easy that was!!!
6. Has sweet brown curls on the back of his head. I keep his hair trimmed but most likely will not be cutting these locks for a long time. I love the shag!
7. Gets extra excited when there is any kind of animal around. He LOVES pets! especially Violet! They are each other's pals.
8. which brings me to number eight... he LOVES balls, especially holding onto my finger and running after the ball to kick it. He lets out a hearty laugh when Violet gets involved! He loves to kick the ball and watch Violet run after it and try to mouth it. Priceless happiness, right there!
9. Easton loves older kids and now twice, in the past week, has crawled over to two different teenagers to give them a two minute hug!
10. Prefers Men over Women. He oftentimes will gravitate towards men, though he always stays close to Mom.
11. Dirt, dirt, dirt. In his fingernails, around his lips, and even better is when its mud. If he is having a hard day, I just throw him in a pile of dirt and it makes all the rainclouds go away.
12. Also, Water! puddles, smearing water around, really, anything wet! He loves to feel liquid in his fingers.
13. He is not an avid TV watcher, but thoroughly enjoys Baby Einstein. Consequently, so do I:)
14. He started sleeping through the night. He did it on his own several times a month ago, but I gave him a little shove the past week. I just let him cry it out, if he wakes up.
15. Has always been exactly average in height and weight, until Christmas. He dropped dramatically in weight and a bit in height, I am assuming cause he was sick for a month. He has been shooting back up to perfectly average again.
16. Is still not into solids, but does eat his vegetables and fruit purees pretty well. He also enjoys bread, pasta sauce, soda (guilty), and pretty much whatever we are eating.
17. Doesn't say words, but has started repeating Baba (bottle), and as soon as I say it he gets really excited if he's hungry. He also is starting to get Dada and often repeats it and looks for Dad.
18. Doesn't walk. For walking, he is just being lazy. He pitches a fit if I don't let him walk around with my finger, or if I try to take my finger away when he is walking. Though, most of the time he barely leans on it or uses it. It's just his safety net. Though he does take a step or two between furniture and if we get him started in the right direction will take a few steps to Ryan or I when we hold our hands out.
19. Loves being tossed around and thrown on beds.
20. Loves to give kisses and gets jealous if he catches Ryan stealing one from me. He will speed crawl over, pull Dad away and then starts to give me kisses. This really gets Ryan and I rolling in laughter.

We celebrated his birthday three times! The first one was a couple weeks early with my family in Wisconsin. He opened gifts and made a huge mess with his cake. Classic.

The big picture, is after Easton twirled around on his butt in the cake. It was pretty caked on:)

He also got a Thomas the Train tent. He LOVES it and I highly recommend it to other mothers with a one year old. Peek-a-Boo just got better!

On his actual birthday we went for ice cream. Though he didn't want much of it.

Then, that weekend we went to Bicentenario with friends where he went on his first roller coaster. We also went swimming and ate cake again.


  1. que emoción el primer cumpleaños,
    se nota que la paso super bien Easton
    aun que pudo convidar un poco de pastel de cumpleaños pero esta bien.
    quiero que llegue luego el tiempo de poder conocer a este joven hermoso.
    un beso para los tres y en especial para Easton.
    crecen tan rapido, disfruten cada momento tanto como el lo hace.

  2. He is such a precious boy. Give him a BIG kiss from me.- his gift is coming down with Dad on his next trip. I am sending a gift bag and tissue too so you can wrap it for him.

    Love you!