Friday, March 16, 2012

Bow ties and lace dresses

Yayyyyy! My BFF got hitched!
Laura made a beautiful bride, one that few could hold a candle to. She got married next to a river in Texas where giant oak trees line the water and rolling hills keep it hidden. It was GORGEOUS!
I really think this could be one of my favorite places in this world. Completely peaceful and quaint. It is found outside a small town called Kerrville.

The wedding party and family all stayed at a cute ranch just up the street from the location. Easton and I came up a couple days early, which was bitter-sweet. I am so glad I did because I feel like I got to see Laura before the party started. I love one-on-one time. At the same time, having Easton with me made it a bit more complicated, especially since he wasn't cooperating on the car rides and refused to sit with anyone but me. Poor little guy was not taking the vacation well and that left a very tired mother. We made the best of it though and carried on.
A few days after we arrived, all the bridesmaids and friends hit up a spa and the following day we threw a shower. Here are some of those pics...

Ryan came in on Friday to help hold down the fort and boy was I glad to have him! He helped a bunch with Easton and I even managed an eight hour night of sleep when he came in. Ryan loved Texas with all the hills and country music. It was fun to see him so happy.

Easton also made a new friend on the trip. Angela, a friend of mine, brought her little boy Tate, who is three weeks younger than Easton. It was SO fun to see the two together. Though, they are still figuring out how to play with other kids, I think they enjoyed having the other around.

Angela and Tate getting ready for the wedding

The boys tearing it up after the bridal shower...

Then on Saturday was when all the fun stuff happened. Right before sunset, Laura and John got married under a giant oak tree on the river. It was beautiful and I couldn't help but tear up a bit. Fran sang a hymn in her goose bump-giving voice and then we all headed up to the tent for dinner and dancing. Angela and I raced the boys home and came back to our circle of friends in time for the food. Shortly after, I made a fool of myself attempting a toast. I was totally in a whirlwind and ended up baring my testimony of our friendship. Awesome. Moving along... John and his friend dedicated a charming song to Laura. We danced, laughed and chatted to neighbors. It was a lovely wedding and very well put together. My hat goes off to Laura and her family for creating such a movie set.
Behind the scenes were her mother stringing lights and putting finishing touches on the grounds till wee hours of the morning, Grandparents cooing at Easton, and little boys running around having great fun watching the ducks and fishing on the river. Sounds about right, no?
Congrats Laura and John! LOVE YOU!

Getting Ready!

Here comes the bride!!

And the crowd goes wild!

First Dance



  1. LOVE all the photos. Thanks for posting this. (I'm obsessed with Angela's dress.)

    So wonderful to talk to you last night. We miss you guys!

    1. We loved skyping too! It was fun catching up and seeing you two. Sad I got home late, but Ryan was pretty chipper from "hanging out" with you and Nate!

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