Friday, January 28, 2011

Making Tacos...

When Ryan and I first came to Mexico, the Farfan family invited us over for tacos. They were sooo good! Ever since then I have been hoping that Brother Farfan would take some time to teach me how to make the different salsas and meat for the tacos...
Well, the day arrived this week. They were everything I remembered! Below are some pictures of the afternoon!

This is Brother Farfan cutting up the bistek

Here is the bistek cooking. When making the meat you really only need to add a little salt and oil to your steak cooking. You also need the steak to be nice and thin. The butcher cuts the meat this way, specifically for making tacos.

Here is the Chorizo (pork) that comes in sausage links. All you have to do is remove the casing and cook up the meat. It comes seasoned... I hope I can find a decent carniceria (butcher shop) in the US!

Below is my FAVORITE salsa called salsa Verde. If at all interested in how to make this, shoot me an email and I will give you the recipe. It is a bit spicy, but you can adjust that in the recipe. The salsas are what give tacos their oomph!

The "verduras" or veggies you dress your tacos with. It really is just cilantro and onion diced up, but is soo yummy on the tacos too!

Salsa Roja: This is also a very good salsa. It has a different kick than the green salsa. The spiciness comes at the end of the taste.

Here are all the yummy ingredients we used. Tacos aren't as unhealthy as I thought. It's mostly just a bunch of veggies and meat on a tortilla. I think the stands around town make their tacos so yummy by dipping the tortillas in pork grease before heating them up... this is what prob puts on the fat cals. too, because let's face it, you don't normally lose weight eating Mexican!

I need to post a finished product picture! I totally spaced taking a picture at the end. But as we are having leftovers for lunch, I will be sure to take a picture then!


  1. we are in TX and this is a favorite of ours.. we have taco stands all over, probably very similar to what yours are there.. they are soooo good and we love love love to do a 'mexican BBQ' and grill the meat out by the pool. this makes me hungry.

  2. So can we make a date to get together and make these the next time we get together? It looks amazing!

  3. Yes, MC, let's totally do it! I am pretty sure we will be coming back for a visit sometime late summer.