Friday, January 14, 2011

365 days in Mexico

One year ago from January 12, Ryan and I came to live in Queretaro, Mexico.

I can hardly believe that we have been here a full year. It has been such a fun and interesting experience. After having this epiphany, Ryan and I started reflecting over the year...
here are some of our Mexican highlights and things that we have learned while being down here

1. I think one of my favorite things about Mexico, which I relive each week, is the ridiculously inexpensive food at the outdoor Market. I love bringing home 2-4 bags of delicious fruits, veggies and fresh chicken for only $15. It really just makes my day every week.

2. Tacos al Pastor- These are my and Ryan's favorite Mexican dishes! Tacos al Pastor are made with tasty pork smothered in seasoning, slow cooked on a rotisserie and then sliced into a hot, fresh, greasy tortilla. Finally topped with cilantro, yummy hot salsa, onions and pinneapple. Heaven!

3. Watching Ryan learn Spanish and adapting to the Latin culture. I think he has more patience with some of the cultural isms than I do. (Ps, Thanks babe for all the mutual giggles while learning this language. Example, using "azteca" for "estaca" throughout an entire meeting or the infamous "pajero" en vez de "pajaro" at girls' camp! haha, never gets old! ... oh yeah, and como va tu oyo?)

4. Learning to pay electric bills five days before it's due. If not, they shut off your electricity for days!! Refer to past post for details

5. Realizing that Google Maps for Mexico is completely off and ends up sending you in all directions. I refuse to use it anymore.

6. Understanding what a guiso is. The typical Queretana comida.

7. Avoiding taxibuses like the plague! They are the most reckless drivers and every time I am driving near one of these beasts I realize that I am holding my breath and clenching the steering wheel.

8. Accepting the fact that the work day doesn't end until 7 pm or later for most. So when Ryan has meetings going into the night, don't get frustrated...

9. As much as Mexico City is great with what it has to offer... my motto is "get in, get out, get on with your life" for this place. There are sooo many people, traffic's crazy, and you don't want to get stuck in the wrong places.

10. I ironically enjoy the well known fact that the Narcos families tend to live in Queretaro. That's why it's nice and quiet here, nobody wants to get things wriled up... it's a family sort of town

11. Don't take your shoes off. Barefeet doesn't exist here... (You'll get weird looks if you attempt it)

12. Dressing normal here is dressing up for me normally

13. There is a ridiculous amount and variety of chilies here and I think they are eaten at just about every meal!

14. C on the water faucet doesn't mean cold...

15. You will not find Halls cough drops in the pharmacy section, but in the candy section of the grocery stores

16. Driving isms:
Emergency Flashers don't mean emergency, it means there is traffic ahead.
People will turn right/left from any lane
Don't worry if you see police lights behind you, the police keep their lights on all the time

Im sure we could come up with a bunch more... but I think this is a decent start.


  1. nice! I think number one and two make me extreemely jealous!!! oh how i wish i could have fresh fruit all of the time! winter sucks! and holy cow you are having your baby so soon post a pic of the belly and your cuteness!!

  2. Tacos al Pastor is Richard's favorite thing ever! When he was working in Mexico, he ate it all the time, along with like a kilo of Guacamole! Miss you!

  3. that is something about argentina that i never could understand--halls cough drops were CANDY to them...not if you had a sore throat! so funny! how long are you living there?

  4. Ahh, Avalon! Good to hear from you!
    I didn't realize that Richard worked down here before. He should bring you down and we can all sit around eating tacos!
    Ps, we are here until June!