Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Summer again!!!

So, I don't know if you could tell from my blogs in December... but I was getting a little jealous of all of you who live in four season places. More depressed, than jealous really. Isn't that ironic? Usually I get down in the winter months BECAUSE of the snow and not enough sunlight!

The holidays just didn't feel the same without the seasons changing. My sweet hubby even made me a snow man from the snow cone machine to make me feel better! haha, how ironic again?!
Well, I am finally out of that downer mood and guess what? Yesterday I woke up to the birds singing and the sun shining and it felt great! It is a balmy 80 degrees. I am back to my love for summer again. I think the flowers in my background is a pretty good description of my feelings about it all... that and that's the most Valentin-y this blog is going to get! Im not one for hearts and roses all over the place.

So pretty much I am ready for a bbq and some camping... anybody game?
I am pretty sure the only individuals who read my blog are my friends and fam., so here is your invite to come visit me and escape the winter snow!


  1. your killllling me smalls!! today is actually like 50 degrees so that is basically summer by utahs standards. Im jealous! And I miss you! and i still can't believe that the next time I see you there will be a little babe around!! Yay!!

  2. OMG! Nate and I were talking about how we really don't need the seasons. I hate this cold and I envy you guys so much!

    How much longer are you guys in Mexico for?

  3. oooo thanks for the invite! ;) I'll have to dream for now.

  4. M.C., we are here until June. Ryan and I wish you could come down! We would love it!