Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hello Guys!

Okay, I am terrible at blogging so far. I am going to try to do better...

So, it is February 2 and we are here in Queretaro, Mexico. Ryan is busy with work and helping me get our lives in order. I feel like every time I try to get something checked off my list, a delay comes up or something gets in the way. We are currently waiting for our furniture and household items to arrive. We have had to go through the grueling process of getting a work visa here. We cannot have our items come through customs until that comes. Good news though, we are hopeful for Thursday or early next week.

There have been many odds and ends to do around here and I feel like dispite so many delays with things we have been able to make some headway. A great accomplishment for us was finding a home to live in. We were only alloted two weeks in a hotel before we would start needing to pay for it, so I quickly got on the ball and found a home in three days. That following Tuesday we moved in. We love it! It's looking pretty sparse, but hopefully in a couple of weeks it will be full. Keep your fingers crossed for us. I posted a picture for anyone who is curious!


  1. Awesome Hannah, great start to your blog, I am so excited for you both, looks like a great place to live for a while!

  2. Is that your house? It's amazing!