Saturday, February 13, 2010

February 12

Yesterday was Ryan and my anniversary. It was wonderful! We woke up and Ryan gave me flowers and chocolates. I made a complilation of our pictures from the past two years and reminisced with Ryan over breakfast. Then more surprises insued over the rest of the day. Each surpise was presented in a white envelope with a short rhyme on the front and a flower. There were eight envelopes. One of the evelopes included a list of hotels for me to pick from. He figured out a time to take our anniversary trip to the beach (we were originally going to go this weekend, but our lives are too chaotic and decided to wait until things settled down).
One of my favorite surprises was that he redownloaded all of our wedding music that was somehow deleted and we listened to them as we drove around yesterday. I don't know why that music matters so much... maybe it's because it reminds me so much of our wedding day and even though it was stressful, I still like to look back on it and smile.
Another surprise was that we went to one of my favorite nearby cities, San Miguel de Allende. There are dozens of booths loaded with silver jewelry and pewter housewares. Ryan gave me some play money and I picked out a silver necklace to remember the day by. We packed a sack lunch and ate in a park watching all the middle-aged American tourists bustling between the laid back Mexicans.
Ryan said we had a nearby appointment at 4 so we headed back to the car in the afternoon. Waiting in the glove compartment was another envelope and flower... Inside was a description of an incredible restaurant. I would really love to cut and paste the entire description that was printed from the internet and nestled in the envelope, but it's an entire page. To describe it with less words... Located 15 minutes from San Miguel de Allende is a 300 year-old hacienda, where an Italian Chef makes a different menu on a day to day basis based on what is in season and what produce will make the best meal. I have never tasted better food in my life, and you know that tasting foods is like a hobby to me. Ryan hit one out of the park that's for sure. When we sat at the outside tables the chef came out and asked what sounded good. He rattled off a list of different possibilities. We had a delicious meal with duck, pasta, tuna steak and garganzola ravioli that was made out back. The flavors that this chef came up with were so incredible, I can't properly describe the talent this man had! All his sea food is flown in from the coast on a continual basis. Even Ryan liked it!
After enjoying the pleasant meal in the gardens we headed back home where Ryan's final surprise was waiting. Yup, he did it again! A Thoughts on You Book. For those who don't know what this is, starting from the first day of our marriage Ryan has written letters to me each day without me knowing. Then he arranges them and creates a 300 page book of all of his sweet and honest thoughts about me and our relationship. On our one year anniversary he gave me the book with all the messages from our first year of marriage. This year were all the messages from our second year of our marriage. I feel so cherished as I read those letters and it is by far my favorite gift that anybody has given me.
To say the least, Ryan hit this anniversary out of the park. There isn't any beach that could have compared with all the thoughtfulness Ryan put into yesterday. It was one of the best days in my life. I think my anniversary has officially become my favorite "holiday":)

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