Friday, February 26, 2010

Boxes, Boxes everywhere!

Our things have finally arrived! Holy cow, I can't believe it! They actually came three days ago, but as you can imagine I have been a little busy. I really wanted to take a picture of all the mess in the house, but things have just been moving along so quickly, that I am about 3/4ths unpacked. I have a bedroom and the bathrooms left. I will try to post a picture of the disheveled bedroom, before it gets put together.

All in all I feel pretty darn good about how things are turning out. After almost a year of having our things stored I forgot what I actually had. It has been pleasant surprises in every box. There are a few things that I am tossing, but I don't feel like I am too much of a pack rat after all. My kitchen is prob the most loaded and I need to be careful about putting more in it. (Though, I secretly want another dish set, I know Ryan will kill me if I do!) My kitchen is my pride and joy! And I really LOVE all of my recipes! I can't even explain to you. I opened my personal recipe book last night and the page I opened to was a Banana crepe recipe. Let me just tell you, the first thing I did this morning was pull out the blender! I flippin love food! Ryan was in heaven and I told him this is just the beginning! The recipe was actually pretty good. It calls for rum, but as I don't normally carry that I just skipped it. I am sure it gives it a phenomonal taste and you lite it of course to get the alcohol out, but I am not sure on this recipe. I need to see how the alcohol cooks out with a sugar base. I know it varies according to the base. Nettie are you there? Do you know the answer to this? Or anybody else?
Anyways, would you like me to post it?

I am trying to be so much better about sharing my recipes, just nobody ask for the glorified choc chip recipe. I don't think I am that good yet. So, Laura, hush hush!:)

So, go figure this post started out about moving and ended with cooking. I am sure this will happen many more times. I have to go make dinner for Ryan, but I will post that recipe as soon as I can!
Much Love Everyone!


  1. Hi Hannah,

    We miss you guys so glad you are settled in. I'm so glad you have a blog I found it through Stephanie, now we can stay in touch.

    Laurie Wright (Richie's Wife)

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  3. SO you mean to tell me that Laura has that chocolate chip cookie recipe!? WHAT!!!!

    Do you know that sometimes on Sundays I'll sit around and think of the fun past Sundays I've had, miss watching Phantom and The Little Mermaid.. and dream of those cookies? You little devil ;)

    Hearing about the line to get into the temple in Mexico makes me ashamed! WE could go anytime down here!