Monday, February 15, 2010

I posted this map so that you can see where we live. If you click on the map, it will enlarge and you can see the cities better. I also labeled a couple of the places that I have gone to since we moved here.
Ryan and I went to Cordoba within the first few days of moving here. He had a work trip and I would rather sit in a hotel near him, than 6 hours away.
I also went to Morelia (Just East of Queretaro) a week or two ago when my Dad was in town. It was a very entertaining town with many many Mexican guitars for sale in their markets. It is supposedly a more dangerous town, so I removed all my jewelry before I hit the markets. It was just me and a 19-year-old boy that toured together, while our father's had meetings. We felt completely safe, so don't picture anything too dangerous. I took a tour there to see the sites and ended up going to a candy museum. Well, I love sweets, so I was pretty excited about this. Interestingly enough, candy has been around for quite some time in Mexico (since the Europeans came to America). The candy here has a more natural taste as their candy is made from mixing sugar and the pulp of many different fruits. YUM! Also, did you know chocolate goes back to the Aztecs in Mexico; when the kings and rulers believed that chocolate water (literally chocolate with water) was the water of the Gods. If you drank it outside of a ceremony you were put to death. Just an FYI:)
So, anyways, if you are planning to visit me and have a request to a nearby town let me know. I'll try to talk about the cities as I go so you can get a feel for them.


  1. Me gustaria mucho visitarles, si no fuera por el dinero y el tiempo (o sea, la falta de los dos)... Cuanto tiempo se van a vivir alli en Mexico??

  2. doce meses! We love it hear and wish it were longer. It feels good to be settling in. Ryan and I each just got our second callings being first counselors to young men and young women, respectively. We are really excited to work with the youth and I have a feeling that we are going to be kept pretty busy!
    If you end up finding some pennies and such hanging out, PLEASE come visit! Tu puedes usar tu espanol aqui!! Mas que alla, creo! Tempting? I know you have your hands full and I know that babies can be expensive, but just so you know we have a great big welcome sign on our front door for you:) At least you would only really need to worry about plane tickets. Hotel Frank is all inclusive:)

  3. I am glad to hear that you are enjoying the experience! I am pleased to be able to read your adventures, even if they are about food and cooking. You are too cute! <3 you!