Monday, September 21, 2009

Viva Mexico!

After about 36 hours of chaotic travelling, Ryan and I made it down from Oregon, WI to Queretaro, Mexico. Queretaro is a colonial-type city with beautiful history and a dense culture. There are lots of monuments, parks, and historical sites. It is a medium-sized city that is very clean and comfortable.
We have just finished our first week here; one that was both long and short. Ryan spends his days working and learning Spanish. I try to speak only Spanish with him and let me tell you, it is pretty hard trying to communicate with your spouse where neither of you are fluent with the language!
Last week was a lot of adjusting, trying to get money changes, cleaning our temp apartment, and figuring out how to get around. The Jara's have been more than helpful with showing us the ropes. I spend my days with Jin ("Gene") running errands and touring the city. So far I have enjoyed some time at the markets and taking tour buses around the downtown area.
I wish I had some pictures to show you, but I am having trouble downloading them at this point. Stay posted!

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