Monday, May 30, 2011

My boys!

This last weekend we decided to introduce the pool to Easton. I know, I know, he might be too little, but I couldn't help it. I REALLY look forward to long summers at the pool with my kids!
Ryan was in charge of keeping Easton entertained as I was getting our bag ready and what not. Of course their happened to be a soccer game on and before I knew it, our little boy was being introduced to TV and sports. This was Easton's first TV viewing and he was hooked. I had to snap a shot.

I was determined to keep the sun off of Easton at the pool. I put on this little hat, which wasn't really very little on HIM. Haha, I love my sweet baby boy! Always entertains us with his looks.

Well since we are living in 90 degree weather with a blazing sun, the water was like bath water in the pool. Easton loved it and we had him in the pool for prob a good twenty minutes before he started squawking. I think he will last longer next time too, we just didn't make it the pool soon enough before his nap.

Now all I need is a water donut to put him in!


  1. Que entretenida la fotografia Hannah capturaste el momento pero totalmente.
    Yo encuentro no se es muy temprano para estar en la piscina, y me alegra que el lo haya disfrutado tanto.
    un beso a los tres, y sigue disfrutando del calor y la piscina

  2. That last picture is so adorable! I can't wait to meet the little guy in person!

  3. i could scream that is so cute!! I love that his first tv experience was ten inches away from the tv screen. hahaha, love those people!