Friday, June 10, 2011

Happenings at the Frank's House

This has been a long week.

Do you ever have those weeks where somehow there is something going on every day, which is very fun but also very tiring? That's kinda how it went for me.

First off, Ryan had some coworkers come down from WI, so we enjoyed their company one of those nights. They are here to work at different credit unions, so in effect, there will be a trip to Veracruz and Mexico City next week. I think I might go with them... am I crazy with a 3 mo. old? probably.

The other big event that has and will be taking lots of attention and time is that Ryan and I are moving to a new house. I absolutely love where we are living and feel a little depressed, even as I type about it, that we are moving. I love our neighbors, the pool, and just how comfortable we are in our home. I don't look forward to moving, but after talking about things Ryan and I decided that we have a great opportunity to move to a smaller home as our contract for this home is up the 20th of this month. By moving to a smaller home we will be able to save a lot more on rent. We currently live in a lovely city that had very inexpensive rent, so why are we paying so much more when we can still sit comfortably in a smaller home for almost half the price? So I will be going without the pool, which is my least favorite part... but... I did find a great "pool park" twenty minutes away with a 1.50 entrance fee. Not bad, I plan to go there a lot with Easton as he gets older. We will still be in a three bedroom home, but the house is just overall smaller in each room. Optimistically, I look forward to filling up the house better with our furniture and hope for much less echo!
The biggest stresser with this is that we need to be out of our house the 20th, we will be in Veracruz up till the 20th and the week after the 20th we go on our trip to Wisconsin and Utah. A lot of travel and moving in a small window. again, am I crazy with a 3 mo old? Probably.

So once we get things all switched over, ill take some pics!

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  1. I love that you are the saddest about the pool. I always tell Nate that if he can find us a home with a good neighborhood pool I will be happy for the rest of our lives. haha Good luck with everything. That sounds like a lot to handle. p.s. When are we going to get to see you? :)