Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dr. appointments

So Easton had his second dr appointment here in Mexico. Nothing too out of the ordinary, except apparently one leg seems longer than the other. Took an Xray and we will hear more about it at the next visit... But that prob sounds a lot worse than it is. The dr thinks it's not a big deal and I'm thinking it's a discrepancy that will work its way out...
No that wasn't the interesting part, the best part was Easton laughing through the entire visit! What kid likes to go to the dr? He seriously flirted with the dr and giggled during the physical. I guess I'm a lucky mom for that! He had his second set of vaccines as well. Both times he just pouts for five seconds and then is right back to his normal self! What a surprise! I almost look forward to the next visit as my kid is better than his normal self!

Man, Eman sure likes getting out of the house, even if it means a dr visit!


  1. Oh!! I want to know what doctor appointments means SO BADLY!! Why can't I figure it out??

  2. Haha, sorry the stupid I pad wouldn't let me enter any text just a title... Any ideas how to conquer this?