Monday, May 23, 2011


Last week Ryan had a work trip in Ecuador. I was too nervous to stay home alone for a week with Easton, so my sweet sister, Haydee, offered to take us in for the week. So off to LA we went. I felt so blessed and lucky to go!

The week was absolutely wonderful! Easton and I spent a couple days at the apartment hanging out and waiting for the work day to end so that we could play with Haydee and Nate. It was nice to have a change of scenery and I even enjoyed a couple hours in the sun on Haydee's roof. We took lots of walks and prepared a couple dinners. My sister took a couple days to hang out with us. One day we "went to work" with Haydee and cruised around LA with her.
We also met Haydee's boyfriend, Nate. He is a wonderful person and all four of us had a great time together in the evenings playing cards, eating yummy dinners and just sitting and talking.

My sister and Nate are pretty much amazing and had me signed up for a massage, manicure (love them Haydee!:)), and a date with the dry bar (a hair styling salon). Ahhh, so wonderful! I finally got to enjoy some delicious Sushi ( I haven't had it since before I was prego with Easton)! Of course we went shopping and visited one of Nate's beautiful shopping malls that he works at. It was a lovely week and can only thank (over and over again) my sister and Nate! Thank you guys! I love you both!
Really my favorite was just seeing my sister. Brings a tear to my eye just thinking about her. She is truly one of my most favorite people on this Earth!
Posted pics on Facebook but here are just a couple.

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