Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moms and baby!

First off, Happy Mexican Mother's Day!

After I left the house my appreciation for my Mother grew. Now that I have my own child, my appreciation for my Mother has grown yet again! Having and raising a child is a lot of work, takes a lot of thought and requires a bit of patience and I am only on week seven! Ha. It is also wonderful and inexplicably one of the happiest things to me.

I would just like to applaud every mother out there, especially my own, who ever worried, loved, protected, and taught. It is a lot of work and though it might go somewhat unnoticed some days, every effort is quite noble. Thank you for every sacrifice and every bit of love you have offered!

Secondly, I just finished reading my good friend Angela's post about her new baby. She mentioned a bunch of his likes and dislikes. I too don't want to forget my newborn's personality, so I am going to mention a few things here.

Well Easton is almost seven weeks. Last week he measured to be 10 and a half pounds. Woowoo! Nice going my little munchkin.

My absolute favorite things about Easton are
1. He is extremely cuddly and loves to nuzzle into my body as he gets ready to sleep.
2. Right after he wakes up and is done with his meal, there is about a twenty minute window where he is extremely alert and very happy. Several times a day at this time, I lay him on his back and use those twenty minutes to talk to him. He smiles, coos and even so much as lets out some kind of little laugh (or maybe just excited coo). He tries to talk back to me and we will go a good twenty minutes, sometimes, talking back and forth. This is my highlight!

Other things about Easton...

He is a very social boy and gets along with anybody holding him... but I must admit he shows preference to his Mama

He is getting better at sleeping at night, wakes up three times instead of five or six... but he has nights where he tries my patience and wakes up four or five times again.

Part two of the above is that the poor little guy cries in pain from a gassy tummy. I think this is the culprit to waking up so often

He eats just like me, practically inhaling his food. He is done with his meal in about 8 minutes

He loves to be moving and gets bored of a scene pretty fast. In fact I realized the other day that he gets fussy in his car seat when we are stopped at a light for a while or when we are stopped in traffic. He stops fussing as soon as we are moving again

He is getting better in his bouncer and will now sit in it for twenty minutes before getting fussy

He is great with eye contact and has been since the day he was born. I never saw a newborn hold a steady gaze for so long

He hates dirty diapers, a late meal, and a gassy tummy. It is almost always one of these things when he gets upset.

He is a stubborn little fellow and purses his lips tightly closed if he no longer wants to eat or he doesn't want his pacifier.

He still gets hiccups regularly, like he did in my belly

He flails his arms quite a bit, Ryan calls him our little karate kid

Did I mention he loves being cuddled and in motion? That is the best way to calm him down

He has had a hard time with breastfeeding but randomly decided to get good at it all of a sudden two weeks ago

He loves being hot. I mean to the point that he is sweating. Ryan loves his constant sweat mark on his arm

He's in size 3 mo. clothes already

He is quite hairy and had little tuffs of hair on his shoulders and ears when he was born

Ill add more as I think of things, but this is a pretty good start!


  1. Hannah, me encanto el poder conocer un poco a Easton, se ve un bebe muy activo y sano lo cual hay que dar gracias. me alegra mucho el saber que disfrutas el ser mama, un besito grande y cuidate mucho.

  2. cant wait to meet this little man!