Thursday, April 1, 2010

Puppy pics

She can sleep anywhere! and in the most awkward looking positions~ So, no she is not just looking at the floor

Tada! We got her and I don't think she is leaving us any time soon. What was I thinking having her for a night as a trial run. How can you not fall in love with a puppy? We were mostly doing a trial run because she acted a little lethargic when we saw her last. Well, she has livened up quite a bit! She still sleeps a lot, but now when she is up she just wants to play. She is still quite young, 6 weeks and I think she thinks I am her new Mom and Ryan her Dad. She follows Ryan and I everywhere and sleeps at my feet wherever I might be. She really acts so much like a baby. She kept us up all night last night with her crying. Ryan was afraid to upset the neighbors so he kept getting up to coax her back to sleep. Ryan is done with work and napping now!:) I am really impressed by his nurturing skills, he wasn't upset or too bothered by her crying last night, which I think is quite impressive. So here are the pics, eat em up!


  1. My puppy is six months, and while I layon the couch with the laptop on my lap, he is sleeping on my stomach. I can't move my left arm... I love puppies!

    Yours is soooo cute

  2. what a cute puppy!! what is the name? ryan's nurturing skills are impressive that is good for when you do have babies one day just look at all the help you will have! =) we miss you guys! hope you have fun with your crazy YW sleep over coming up!

  3. aww hannah!!! she is adorable. puts a little tear in my eye that you guys got a german shephard! I still miss Lady. What is her name? you missed that tiny detail. I can't wait for more pictures of your newest addition! I AM AN AUNT!!! :) :) :)

  4. Sounds like Ryan will make a great Dad! The puppy looks adorable. Have fun with him!