Tuesday, April 20, 2010


So this first one looks sweet (despite the fact that everytime I teach her "down" she thinks it means "continue to jump up while Hannah pushes me down, what a fun game!")....
Then there is the chewing! My arms are a battlefield!
...and the constant paw prints from our shower. Violet thinks the shower is a
walk-in water dish!

And heaven forbid it rain! An outdoor animal sounds really good sometimes! Still waiting for her to get a little bigger though...
Oh my goodness, she is a lot of work sometimes!! Especially cause she still wakes up religiously at 2 and 5 am for her potty-break/eating-bugs-break outside! We are going to the beach tomorrow and her vet is kind enough to watch her while we are gone (what a great setup huh?). Everytime I think about getting to sleep a straight night through I start giggling like, like, well do you know that incessant giggling you might have if (well also if you are a girl) stay up really late with a sister or girlfriend and you get so sleep deprived and gitty that all you can do is laugh ridiculously?... that's the kind!
I can't wait!
She really does melt my heart, especially when she lays right next to you and rests her head on your legs as she falls asleep. Those are the great moments. She is also very smart and learned how to sit in about five minutes. She comes when I call her name, usually, and she is also learning the command "lay down".
Just thought I would share some of the OTHER puppiness moments too. You know, give a full picture. She really has made a nice dent in our lives though. Ryan just loves having her and really tries to take as good a care of her as he can. I really love that about him!
She really has brought some good laughs to the house too. Like the other day we bought her some doggy treats in the shape of bacon. Ryan just kept repeating how unreal the treats resembled real bacon. (If anybody knows Ryan's obsession with bacon you might know where this is going...) Well, a day or two later Ryan confessed to me that he had been tempted by the faux bacon and decided to try some of it. I CANNOT believe how far Ryan's bacon obsession gos! Hahhaha, I was so incredulous that I just kept staring at him... what the!!?
Ps, he said it wasn't that bad.
Is this normal?
Should I even be sharing this over my blog? At least Ryan isn't too shy about these moments so I don't think that he will mind.


  1. How cute!!! I am glad you have someone to keep your feet warm when Ryan isn't around!

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have to get up all night with my puppy too...and he's also a constant nibbler. At least you can put yours outside someday! I'm just praying mine gets potty trained eventually!

  3. I think it is just fine that he eats faux bacon - if a little puppy can eat it, why cant a human? Especially, if it even resembles bacon!