Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Park with Violet

So, this week and last week is Semana Santa here in Mexico. Normally, Ryan doesn't take off work for Mexican holidays, but last week Ryan decided to take one. He hasn't taken many days off since he started, so he decided to take one and just enjoy the day. We were going to go to some thermal springs, but with the new puppy we decided not to leave her home all day alone. So we ended up going to the park with our friend Kevin and his dog, Morita. It was hilarious, Violet (which is the name we decided on for our puppy) kept thinking that Morita (a female mid sized mix) was her mother. She kept crawling under Morita's legs sniffing for milk! Hahaha, it was so funny! and a little sad that she looked so deprived.
We had a great day though. We packed a picnic, took walks and took a short ride in a canoe. It was so nice just to relax.
We also loved conference weekend and an Easter dinner with some friends. Unfortunately, Ryan left Monday, early, for a work conference in LA. I am happy to have Violet for company! This week has been pretty laid back.

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  1. i feel very evil that i just laughed OUT LOUD about your poor deprived dog.:(