Wednesday, August 15, 2012


So little Easton is ever growing.  I thought that it's about time to post a blog about what he has been up to.
Well, first of all his life is all about soccer balls, bouncy balls, whiffle balls, pretty much anything round. He will throw, kick and bounce them everywhere. We definitely have a soccer player in our midst. His favorite is kicking, and his aim is very impressive for a 1 1/2 year old. In fact, he usually kicks and throws balls straighter than I do. My favorite is when he shifts his weight between his feet before he gives a good kick or when he backs up and runs to the ball to try and get a little momentum. haha, no joke, he really does. This morning we were at the park for an hour kicking the soccer ball back and forth between us. It's nice to have an activity that we can both play at.
He is pretty active, just as any other child his age is. He loves to run and play, but is still very good at coming to me when he is told. I am pretty lenient with him, so he knows that when I call him it's for a good reason.
He is still a terrible eater. The only way I get fruit and veggies in him, is if its a sauce on noodles or a juice. He is a great tortilla eater and is a big snacker. He is a skinny boy still, but is ever growing upwards.
Easton's communication skills have taken another leap. Though his vocabulary is still small, maybe fifteen words or so, he is so much better at understanding me and I him. When he gets frustrated that I don't speak his language, all I have to do is put my hands up and shrug my shoulders, telling him I don't understand. He almost instantly calms down and tries to point or show me what he wants. It's quite magical to communicate so much easier. The words and gestures really help his patience, as he now understands that things happen in processes. For example, when he whines at the door and points outside, I tell him that we need to put on shoes first. I call out "shoes" while I walk around the house looking for them. He understands that he can't go outside without shoes and will call out for his shoes now, with me.
He is still a bit stubborn and when he doesn't get what he wants, it still ends in tears and angry shouting, aka, a tantrum. Though I consistently try to ignore them, they still come. I refuse to give into them and it takes a five minute meltdown before he gets himself back together. Patience is the key to these moments for me.
Easton loves other kids. If he hears them outside playing, he gets really desperate to join them. His newest and most favorite friend was his cousin last week. Wow, did he ever love Calvin. I wish I could just kidnap his cousin and have him play at our house every day. They totally absorb into their own world and play SO well. I love it! and wish Calvin was closer!
Other than that, Easton is a pretty average kid. Probably too indulged, as I hear most firsts are. But I am trying to work on that as whiny, spoiled children drive me bonkers!

Here are a few pictures of our favorite little boy... 

Taffy in the hair, awesome. 

After a really short haircut!

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