Friday, January 20, 2012

Mustaches for Big Boys

This week has been another week of firsts for Easton. First off, we started giving him dairy. I know not a big deal at all, but look how darn cute Easton sports the yogurt mustache?! This kid is so awesome! Totally makes my day everyday.

Secondly, drum roll please.... he slept through the night twice this week. I don't think I have ever quite been so excited reading on the alarm clock "six o'clock", having last looked at the clock at 10pm the night before. WOW! and then having him do it twice in one week, I hardly know what to do with all this uninterrupted sleep. This little bug has been fighting this phase for a LONG while! So this is a great milestone for both Mom and him.


Easton isn't the only one trying out the mustache these days. For fun Ryan grew out his facial hair for the Holidays. The day before work he shaved it all off except for this little gem. I really don't care for mustaches. Just not my thing, but Ryan was having fun with it. Enjoy the nasty 'stache!


  1. I could just eat that little boy. He has such a precious smile. Congrats on a sleeping night. Must feel amazing. Dont know how you moms do it honestly. And as for Ryan.. i dig it

  2. I just can't help it that i am just that darn sexy!

  3. Jajajajajajajajaja

    Easton esta muy hermoso.
    Un besito para los tres
    Y si Ryan te ves muy bien