Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few of his Favorite things...

Okay, so this post is about Easton again. Surprise, surprise. But really, let's face it, this boy takes way cuter pictures than me or Ryan. Here are just a few recents of Easton-bul. He has been a gem lately and we even just found tooth #3 poking through! He's started sleeping through the nights, plays more independently, and is such a cuddler. I love these golden times!!

Here are some of Easton's favorites lately...

Well, he loves his Grandpa and Momma. He also loves the colorful mats we put in our living room. Classy, huh? I swore I wouldn't be that kind, but it has been SO much nicer with them as Easton has been learning to crawl and walk. The tile just isn't his friend and the rug just wasn't large enough.

Holy cow does this kid LOVE water. He could sit in the hose and play all day if I let him. Sometimes he gasps for air as the water can be quite cold. But that doesn't deter him, instead it throws him in a fit of giggles.

He pretty much loves anything that squishes through his fingers, but especially loves guava (passion fruit). It's not only squishy, but he loves the flavor.

Easton has more fun playing with his Dad than any other toy available. He gets so excited when Ryan gets home. You would think I was torturing him all day the way he speed crawls to his feet when he walks in the door. They are each other's toys.


  1. Eso se nota muy entretenido.
    y la fruta suena entretenida como también muy rica.
    que emoción como va creciendo y va conociendo nuevas cosas.
    un besito y nos vemos luego

    1. Dayi! Solo once meses mas! No puedo esperarlo! Como va los planes de la boda?

  2. I saw Brooke last night and we were talking about how adorable Easton is! I can't believe how big he is.

    1. You are so sweet! I know, he grows like a weed! I wish that we could have met up at Christmas! I'm sure we'll be up again during the summer. Hopefully we can wrangle in some time then.

  3. These pictures steal my heart. He is such a sweet boy and I miss you three so so much.