Monday, January 2, 2012

Christmas in a Big Nut Shell

So, instead of posting a bunch of mini blogs, I am just combining all of our Christmas events together.

To start off, we celebrated Easton's first St. Nick morning. I grew up getting my stocking the morning of Dec. 6th, after St. Nick had visited the previous night. I loved this tradition and am so excited to start passing it down to Easton. It is the kickoff to the Christmas shenanigans.

Easton got a few small toys and enjoyed one of his first pieces of candy

Next we celebrated our own family Christmas, before heading up to the US to visit our families.

Ryan put Easton in a bow under the Christmas tree.
So grateful to have this little gift in my life!

Then, we were off to Utah to spend a few days with our Utah family, before heading out to Colorado to spend some time with my side of the family.

Easton got some bonding time with his cousins before we left. He LOVED sharing a bath with another kid and Harlie was happy to help wash him. So cute! It made me excited for Easton to have a sibling... someday.

We also celebrated Britney's birthday. And yes, that is cake wrapped in tin foil. Let's just say that night everybody was running around!

The next part of the trip started off with me getting us packed for Colorado. I was efficiently laying everything on the bed and getting things organized when Ryan came running down explaining that he goofed on flight times and that we needed to leave at that moment! ops. So needless to say that as I was frantically throwing things in the bag, I missed a few things like our camera. Booooo. I don't have any pictures from the Colorado trip. In just a few words, the trip was a lot of fun and a bit of unfun. It was wonderful to see family, going boarding (the first time, the second time I think I broke my coccyx:)), opening gifts, and just shooting the breeze with my sisters, grandma, and parents. My highlights of the trip were def seeing my sweet nephew, Calvin, and watching my sisters bond with Easton. Haydee was a dream and happily took care of Easton countless times! Ahh, makes me want to move closer to fam, oh wait that dream is almost realized! woohoo. I am so excited to live near fam again! Back to the holiday caption though... The unfun part of the trip was the fact that Easton kept me up at all hours of the night... this is when he started getting an ear infection.

So back to Utah we went, five days later. The trip went so fast, but we got to spend an evening with each of Ryan's siblings and we all packed into the parent-in-law's house for Christmas weekend. Among the activities that weekend was the famous Christmas Eve pajama presents.

Unwrapping Christmas PJs

Miles took his first few steps and magically I happened to be taking pictures of him!

The kids also dressed up for the nativity activity. Not much of the story was spoken, but it was fun to dress up all the nieces and nephews. Easton was asleep at this point so he's not in any of these pics. I am a bit of a Nazi when it comes to Easton's sleep schedule.

Aren't they cute?! Gotta love Jack kissing the baby Jesus. That's the only way we could keep this active one in the picture.

And just a few more pics of family around the room that night

This last collage was priceless and I had to post it! My nephew, Kaden is just a year and a few months younger than his older twin siblings. He has had to get with it quick and has learned to crawl, walk, and just about everything else at a very young age to keep up with his older siblings. He is still a bit smaller than them and is continually being mauled. Most of the time he can hold his own, but as you can see he still ends up at the bottom of the pile sometimes!

The trip was wonderful. Ryan and I were a bit down coming back to Mexico without any family nearby. It also felt like we were going on a vacation to our own home, as we had gotten so used to the American culture. We sat around the following weekend feeling quite bored after all the running around. I will say that we were trying to enjoy the boredom, since in two months our lives with be anything but boring with the move.
I loved Christmas this year and already look forward to next year. At the same time, it felt great coming back to warm weather. It was funny to be washing the car in our bathing suits five days later!


  1. You did such a good job on this post babe, nice job. I think my favorite is the 3-slide miles walking, and then kaden getting mauled one - nice job i love you so much

  2. Easton is so cute Hannah! Who in your family lives in Colorado? That's where we are while Randy is in dental school. Where are you moving to? I miss you! We haven't talked forever!

  3. We had so much fun with you guys. I am so in love with Easton, cant wait to see him this summer!!

  4. Aw-Ryan actually comments on your blog?! I don't think Jeff even reads mine. Go Ryan. I'm so jealous.

    Twistan got an ear infection this December too! It must be the season.... poor little babies. I gave him Tylenol right away-I knew he was in pain the first night when I picked himup and he kept crying and crying. After a little while (must have been when it kicked in) he quit crying and I just held him forever. *yawn* makes me tired thinking about it.

    What a cute, cute post. I love the collages-so much fun to look at all together. Brilliant! What a fun trip-and your Christmas card IS ADORABLE! Just adorable.