Monday, October 31, 2011

Mom and Dad come to town!

Easton walking from Hannah Frank on Vimeo.

My goal for today is to get a blog up before the end of the month, so here goes!
I will prob post another blog soon with pics of Easton in his bear costume, so stay tuned for the sweetest little Halloween bear!
I could blog about a lot of different things, but I think I will stick to my Mother's visit last week. It was absolutely WONDERFUL!
I looked forward to my parents coming out for awhile and then tried soaking them up every second they were here, and now it's somewhat depressing that they are gone again. Isn't that always the way?
So, unfortunately, my Mother was only here for three full days. My Dad came down with her, but had a full schedule with work meetings. Easton and I managed to steal some of his time early in the morning before anybody else was awake. Neither my Dad or Easton sleep in, so for once, it worked in my favor:)
Easton and I got to spend our days with my Mom, which was such a treat! I seriously felt like I was on vacation too, since I negated all chores and responsibilities and enjoyed the more tourist parts of the area. My most favorite day was going to Leon with my Mother. I wish I could relive it every week. In Leon there are giant malls with purses, shoes, and accessories. All things leather. Ryan and I went three weeks earlier too, but that didn't stop me from finding a lot of new treasures again. It was a blast shopping with my mother!
We also enjoyed daily stops at the store with the delicious horchata, trying local candy in centro and just hanging out and relaxing at the house while Easton napped. I love that Easton had naps cause it gave us time to put our feet up and just chat chat chat!
Easton loved having my Mother around and was quite disappointed when the fun stopped the day after she left. He loved all the new toys she brought down for him (thank heavens for the switch up cause I am almost all out of new kitchen utensils to give him!) and he loved all her attention!!!
My mom discovered Easton's love for walking around, while you hold him by his arms of course. When he gets excited his little feet go a million strides a second! It was really cute and I have a video ill post if I can figure out how that works...
All in all it was a wonderful week! makes it hard to go back to ordinary days... At least I get to look forward to seeing everybody at Christmas again!
Below are some pics of the week.


  1. Hannah I am so happy mom was able to go down. I want to come sometime! AND WOW!!!! Easton walks! Gosh, he is adorable. I love him so much. All my innards want to jump out and SQUEEZE him! I love you Easton! Happy Halloween!

  2. I love when my parents come to visit too! Easton is seriously so adorable. I can see so much of both of you in him!