Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Bear

For Halloween Easton was a bear. I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to use the costume to its full potential. Mexican day light savings was last Sunday and so for the past few days we have been trying to get Easton on the new sched. too. Unfortunately, with an earlier-than-usual bedtime, Easton was a wreck by the time it hit six o'clock. Suffice it to say, we didn't make it to either nights of trick or treating (some Mexican neighborhoods go trick or treating on the 31st, while others go on the night of the 1st, which is Day of the Dead). Bummer! One way or the other he was going to use this costume! So I just dressed him up in it on Monday and then took some pictures... enjoy!

As he was pretty exhausted at this point of the day,
we only got a few smiley shots in the bear costume

Within moments he was back to making this face

His very concerned nanny checking him out to make sure all is well,
as Easton hits a new octave

I think all the commotion was stressing Violet out because
she tends to chase and chew on her foot when she
is stressed out or full of energy. I guess she fit both
categories here.


There! She won!


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  2. Hannah, Easton esta muy grande y se ve muy hermoso de osito.
    un besito grande a los tres
    nos vemos

  3. He's the cutest bear I've ever seen. He's such a little man. I love it!

  4. that is so cute! i love the little bear, and i am so jealous that he didn't have to dress warm it was almost weird to see in in a shirt and shorts for this time of year! and that is so funny about your dog! im so glad my dog isn't the only weirdo out there with funny habits like that. lol!

  5. VERY cute. Look at him sitting up! Can't wait for that. such fun times!!

  6. hahahahahaha Violet is crazy! i love the costume. Emoney is so stinking sweet. the video you posted of him walking made me emotional it is so precious

  7. Hannah! His costume is to die for! and oh gosh, violet! I love that she is the nanny. Kinda reminds me of Peter Pan.