Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Split Entry

(I apologize for the lack of pictures. Somehow, we have already used all the space on our comp in one year, so I cant download them till I weed out some other things to make space.)

First off, a few pictures for your enjoyment!.... It was another wonderful Mexican independence week! Love the Aztecan dances, the long weekend with the hubby and though we couldn't party late with Easton, it was a perfect lazy weekend with lots of movies!

So for the real juice.... We are moving home to the lovely USA!
The news came as a surprise and I totally admit that I bawled a little. Mostly cause I started to get that homey feeling here and was getting a bit more settled here. I feel like year one is the most difficult living abroad. Then year two becomes a lot more like home. Year three, you just don't want to leave! So in many ways I'm grateful that we aren't leaving at year three! I'm still in the position where I would be happy to stay and happy to go. I absolutely have loved living here! Being reshaped and eyes opened again by living in another culture is such a gift. Personally, experiencing my first year of motherhood here will always make Queretaro extra special! The good news is that I will never say goodbye to this place. It will always be see you later since Ryan and I plan to come back to Mexico often. I hate goodbyes, and love see you later! Wish I could leave with return tickets in my hands.
My biggest ties have been with the Jaras and my ward, and with my sweet young women, especially. Can't wait to see what these amazing girls make of themselves.
When I asked Ryan what he will miss most he said just being surrounded by the culture like walking through centro hearing the music, smelling the air, and watching the people. He also said the food. What can I say? A mans heart is through his stomach right? At least that's how it is with my two Frank boys!
For me? Well, no brainer, the climate here is impeccable and I will probably miss it more shivering my way through wisconsin winters! I will also surprisingly miss Spanish. It has been my feat as well. Languages are only a small part vocabulary and grammar, the real feel of a language is through it's people. Can I claim fluency? I suppose according to a resume I can, but in real life I still feel an amateur. Maybe it's just me but I feel like in English you can organize your words just right to convey feeling behind the words, with Spanish I feel like I was finally starting to see the light. Language has always been a pitfall for me, even in English. I don't have much talent with words.

Anyways, back to the point! On the flip side, I'm so excited to be near family, to find every ingredient for my recipes, to smell those Autumn leaves and to be able to road trip it without paying an arm and a leg for tolls or worrying about shady areas. Also can't wait for nature! Its difficult to go hiking here and virtually no swimming in lakes!

Really, the list could go on, but their are happy and sad things on both sides. We move back this coming Spring and I plan to get a head start on Ryan to find housing, cars, etc. I already have my eye on a cute cape cod, that with a little tender loving care could be my dream starter home. I foresee lots of beautiful memories there with my first little kiddos!

Now for the split entry part of this blog! Easton is six months tomorrow! Where did the time go? This last month has taken me for a spin! He did a total 180 with sleep patterns and I felt like I was dealing with a crabby newborn. This past Sunday made it all better though. His first tooth came through and it made me feel sorry for the little guy cause all that fussing was just pain and discomfort. Sunday also marked the day when he first held out his arms for me! Best moment of Mommyhood. I feel like it was the closest he's ever gotten to running up to me and giving me a hug and a kiss. You know, reciprocation. Anyways, I almost teared up. And even though Ryan shined a big gleaming light on the subject that him wanting me to hold him will get old, for now it's quite the opposite effect!
He is my little prince, complete with me as the servant:) He makes my days so much more worthwhile and even at the toughest moments, if I hand him off to somebody for more than an hour I come back missing him and so excited to have him with me again. I think the separation anxiety is not just in relation to the baby!

Anyways, he's now 17 pounds and just over 26 inches of pure bliss!


  1. I feel the same way about our home in Provo! haha It's like I am just starting to feel settled in our little neighborhood (which is funny because I technically lived in Provo for the last like 6 years).

    I am being selfish when I say I am excited you are moving back because I am guessing this means we will get to see you more. I feel so bad we have never skyped. We are the worst! Let's make another try at it, ok?

    Easton sounds like such a sweetheart. I can't wait to have a little baby that only wants me. I bet you are such a wonderful mom!

  2. For the record, I think you are one of the most eloquent people I know! You DO have a talent with words and it's crazy to me that you don't think so!

    That must be hard to leave your new home, but at least you still have several months there and can really take advantage of the wonderful things that you love. Leaving Grand Cayman was one of the hardest things I've ever had to do, but I was glad that I knew when we were leaving because that meant I could soak up each and every moment. Hope you find yourself doing the same.

    Easton is such a cutie!