Thursday, September 1, 2011

Easton Eats Squash

Poor baby Easton has had some not-so-fun reflux. Our peds man told us to start introducing pureed solids so that he has some positive conditioning to texture in his mouth, especially after eating his milk twice in most cases. We were told to start with green, bland chayote. Unfortunately, I can't say that positive conditioning came into play. Ryan and I couldn't help but take a bunch of shots of E-Man's ridiculous faces as he ate his squash. He didn't really fuss or cry, he just kept giving us quite the facial theatrical experience. So here are some fun pics of the event.


"I really don't think that I like this stuff, guys"

"Eh! What the heck is this crap?"

Yeah, he's had it right about now. Hand with spoon finally recoils.

"I'm mad at you Dad"


Ahh the motherly touch!
okay, okay, so I switched out the squash for the cereal.

See, it's not all torture.
He actually really enjoys eating off the spoon.
I think he thinks he's a big kid doing it, cause he also insists
on drinking out of our water cups at the dinner table.

"yeah, much better"

We even got a smile

So maybe next time I should switch spots with Ryan and have him feed Easton the cereal. Though, I really think Ryan was getting a kick out of it. Oh, man, this kid is doomed to be ruthlessly teased. What can I say, he came down a Frank!


  1. Hahaha! I love Eman! Hannah this post is awsome!

  2. that is stinkin cute! love the pic's he has such a great personality! good luck with the reflux! Allie had that and it was nooooo fun!

  3. he is so cute! I LOVE all those pictures. What a funny boy.

  4. hahahahaha, i am laughing so hard right now. He is the funniest baby ever. Oh my goodness I could just squeeze him!

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  6. I love it. Cool pictures! I'd have to say that he gets that face from his daddy when he...

  7. Precious! Oh my gosh, he is sooooo adorable and full of personality! Wonder where he gets that from;)