Friday, November 9, 2012

What a week!

I have been terrible with this blog, I know. My life has been a bit busy.
This week was no exception, but was more fun at the beginning of the week, than busy. My sweet sister, Haydee, came to town! The rainy days were not our friends, in the beginning, and put a damper on most of our outdoor fun, the first day. We resorted to baking cookies and hanging out. Oh darn. The second day we threw our heads back and laughed in its face all the way to Leon which is where the gigantic shoe malls are. Haydee + shopping= a very good day. She is THE best person to shop with, due to her impeccable style! The following day we enjoyed quiche from the french bakery, a stroll in the park, and horchata on the way home; all before we were out the door to drive her back to the airport. Though I am listing all that we did, the real fun was watching Easton and her get along. She is such an awesome Aunt and Easton was practically twitter-pated with her here. It took all of a couple of hours for him to be all over her. It was so sweet. Easton seemed so depressed the day after she left.
The second half of the week included a visit to the maxillofacial surgeon. Yup, I got those wisdom teeth yanked out last night. Wow! What a surprising procedure. I was in that Dr office for a total of forty five minutes!! Forty of those minutes were talking about recovery and numbing up the gums. It took all of five minutes to get all four of those bad boys out. A couple yanks each and the teeth came out whole. What talent, I must say! I had an evening appt., so we were home close to nine. I iced up my cheeks for a couple hours then headed to bed. So far so good. I woke up a few times last night and am taking pain medication, but no chipmunk cheeks for me and other than a feeling of sore, I can't complain! I am paranoid about dry socket, so I am a bit natzi about keeping everything sterilized  that comes near my mouth. Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get it! Other than that, I hope to be back at the gym next week, sometime!

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  1. you did it! Not so bad huh?

    I loved my weekend with you guys so much!! I have missed you all terribly and can not wait for Chile!!!

    Give my Emoney a big squeeze from me.