Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Malabar Ln

Ryan and I became proud homeowners two weeks ago. We closed on a small colonial home in Madison, and couldn't be more excited to do some updates. In fact our fhe was deciding how we want to redo the kitchen. The home is in decent condition, but is just dated and needs a bit of a facelift. I am ecstatic for the wood floors throughout the house, and once the kitchen and family room see some improvements, I can totally see Eason and I spending most of our time in that part of the house. That and outside. It has a darling backyard, thankfully with a fence for Violet. And it sits on a cute maple lined street. I have a feeling I will love fall in this home. Anyways, we feel like we lucked out and now we are just excited to move in. .. Which isn't for another six to eight months, yes yes, we are still in Mexico till early next year. I am totally ready to move up, maybe it is house related? Hm. For now, we are renting it out for six months to a sweet family who just needs some transition housing. Everything worked out beautifully, though I will say that the week was one of the hardest in a long time, I mean the week that we closed. Easton got croup and I got a nasty cold. So nasty in fact that after twelve days I went to urgent care at 6 am after staying up all night with a clogged and painful ear(that was this morning). Madison was also in the 90s and 100s while we were there so, we didn't get to enjoy the outdoors very much. Pretty much we signed for the house and found renters within six days. It wasn't fun, but so excited to have accomplished so much. I feel like getting married, having your first kid, moving into your first home... All of it is SO exciting and fun, I just wonder what you do when all those milestones are passed, endure to the end?


  1. Hannah, that is SO SO exciting! I often wonder what it will be like when we actually have a home of our own, too! We will be midwesterners together! We'll be moving to Minneapolis next year!

    1. Yay! That's so fun! I'm a stay at home, you're a stay at home, let's combine forces!