Friday, March 18, 2011

One week left!

Wow, where has the time gone!?
Even though it says one week left, I wonder when baby Easton really plans to get here. I have a tentative induction date for April 1st, but am considering skipping it... what's one more week, right?!
I was not too thrilled about the April 1st birthday either, especially cause Ryan has already been joking about and pushing for an April Fools birthday. Great, our son isn't even born yet and the poor kid's father is already scheming his birthday. I am still hopeful for a March baby:)
Things have been going well though and I am very content with pregnancy right now. Aside from the growing few stretch marks I have acquired (tear) and this awful cold I caught this past week, I am feeling pretty great. False labor has been going on for weeks and it's kinda fun to feel the muscles contract. Bodies are pretty amazing to me.
So I will post one last pregnancy picture. I had another growth spurt the past two weeks. I still don't feel enormous, but the picture might say otherwise. Sometimes Ryan lifts my belly for me and it feels so liberating to get the weight off! It makes me gitty to get my body back and the weight off! Now, lack of sleep, I can stand to put off for another week or so!


  1. Where's that last photo! Also as I've already said, I love the name Easton!! Congrats on being so close. Maybe next post will be pictures of a cute baby??

  2. love the name! so cute! yeah, where is the picture??? April 1 would be an awesome birthday, but I bet you will have him before. are amazing to say that you feel so great at this point in pregnancy. I was definitely DONE at this point.

  3. Hannah, quede impactada, con la foto.
    No se como lo haces pero te ves demasiado hermosa para estar ya en la recta final.
    que EMOCION, queda tan poco para poder disfrutar al fin a ese pequeño angelito.
    un besito te quiero mucho
    te ves divina

  4. you are wearing regular jeans, aren't you? holy moly girl you lookin' good! can't wait to hear how the birth goes, and see pics of your little baber! love it.

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  6. felicidades por el hermoso bebe un beso y un abrazo grande a la distancia