Friday, December 3, 2010


Okay, so I decided that it's about time I add photos of Doodle... (I need to do more shout-outs for this favorite tyke of mine!)
I can't find week 16 photos, which is a bummer cause those were the best ones. and our doc
only gave us the video and not the MP3 pics from this last visit, week 24:(
I will add the others as soon as I can!

Here is week 6 of our little bug

This is week 11, now more like an alien than a bug

I wish I had week 16! This is when he starts looking more like a baby!

This is week 20, of course I had to put a crotch shot up... finding out the sex was a highlight at this u/s

Another week 20, he was nuzzled down so we couldn't get a very good shot of his profile:(
Here is a pose of his meaty thigh though

So like I said, I don't have week 24 in picture form:( The little squirt took the same position as week 20s though, so again we haven't had a shot of his profile in a while!
Instead, here is a pic of the lovely stomach instead...
24 w 2 d

So Doodle still doesn't have an official name. But, he is full of personality and moves uncontrollably sometimes. Ryan has been feeling him a lot lately. I can feel his little hiccups, but my favorite is when he bounces on my bladder like a trampoline!
haha, I really have liked second trimester! Other than occasional nausea and maybe a little more emotional temperament, there have only been highlights the past couple of months!


  1. oh I LOVE IT hannah! You look adorable!! So excited for your little boy! Names are impossible, huh? It's too big of a task!

  2. i LOVE your bump!!! and awesome that you get so many US.. lucky!!! we got one shot at AC's profile but she was such a mover, she would barely hold still so we could even get one picture!! Will you be sharing your name options or is that a big surprise for the reveal day?!?!??! I'm soooo excited for you!!! we need to talk babies!! ask me ANYTHING.

  3. Congrats, hannah! I have been waiting for your baby update. I am 18 weeks, finding out next week the gender. Can't wait. So exciting, isn't it?

  4. Hannah te ves tan hermosa
    tu hermoso pastelillo esta creciendo muy bien.
    muchas felicidades, y que bueno que pusiste fotos de tu barriga, por que es muy linda.

    i love you

  5. oh hannah i love it! you look so cute. I wish I were a cute and skinny pregnant person, but instead i just get fatty all over. lovely! You look great. I am happy you are having a boy too! Whenever you are in my radar again, we will have to get our two little men together. So happy for you!

  6. Yes, names are impossible! We went from a list of two to a list of seven, shouldn't it be going in reverse? Oh well, we will settle on one sooner or later!
    I just feel lucky living in a country where they take monthly u/s! We decided to have him in the US near my parents, so we will head up week 35. I already have my prenatal classes and dr appts set up, so I feel like I am trying to do all that I can. Kim, Anna, Angela, and Ali, if you haven't heard of it, you should look into hypnobirthing for natural birth (if you are trying to go drug free)! I love it! Ryan and I are reading the book together.
    Kim-you ARE tiny!!! what are you talking about?! You don't even have a tummy yet! I will prob be even more envious of you when I am week 35 and you still look week 20!

  7. My little Doodle. Give him a kiss for me. Hannah is pregoooooo!!!!!!

  8. How come my comments don't show up! So strange :)

    This baby might be contributing to the Kahn woman affect .. haha that is awesome.

    So love the bump pictures, please post more.. and I am sorry to tell you that I don't think I am going natural. It's always an option, but trust me after watching my sister give birth about five times... she's had seven, I've been there for five... and she's had ONE epidural (which was this last one..) I have decided the epidural is not a bad thing. Especially because she said, "Oh, wow. If I would have known how easy it was with an epidural I would've done it every time.." ..haha that didn't help me want to go natural.