Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Who knew!?

Okay, so last week I finally found me some popsicle molds. For anybody looking, just cut to the chase and go to Target! I spent way too much time trying to search for just the right ones!
Anyways, I have been wanting to make homemade popsicles for months now. Especially cause I love them and it is about $4 for six of em here. I am sick of the high fructose, over-priced suckers! Yay, to healthy homemade ones!
So anyways, I have had this plum smoothie popsicle recipe since last summer and finally decided to make them last night with Ryan. Long story short, the recipe called for 1 tsp corn syrup (which was divided between 12 popsicles), which I did not have. So I dragged Ryan into the fun and we went to Wal-mart to buy a bottle of corn syrup. The shocking part of this story comes next.
When I found the corn syrup selection all three of the different brands had babies on the front and advertised that corn syrup was great for babies! (Huh?) It says that you can pour it on their cereal and in their milk (just a couple of examples found on the back of the bottle!). It did say that the corn syrup was fortified with two B vitamins! Don't think that this would be my number one source, or even number 50 source for these B vitamins!
Okay, what the!?!?!
.... (five mins later)
Okay, apparently it acts as a diuretic! I went searching for a pic to post and stumbled across that info...
Well, just for anybody who is curious the Mayo Clinic doesn't actually recommend this remedy and suggested more water, fruit juice (such as prune juice) and baby food.

Well, this was a very successful post! baha!
Guess you learn something new everyday. I suppose this post can't be too much in vain... it has info for the Mom's out there!


  1. Maybe that is why I have the poop-shins. I need to stop drinking straight corn syrup!!

  2. So Corn Syrup isn't so bad? Interesting.