Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Wameru Zoo

Ryan and I spent forty five minutes trying to find the small theme park in Queretaro, only to find out that it is closed due to a recent fatality. Scary!
So we spent the next forty five minutes looking for the Zoo here in Queretaro. When we first got there, we were surprised that it was about 7 dollars to get in... especially since all the entertainment here is so inexpensive. When we got in we were pretty disappointed! Roaming around were some cows and horses in the same dirt field we found ourselves walking through. One little cinderblock house had an iguana on one side and a baby monkey on the other. With a few small windows and most of the shades drawn you had to try to angle your vision to see them. That was just about it! Oh, yes and the pony ride you paid another few dollars to walk around in circles five times! Ha! My parents' house has way more to look at; it would have been a safari in comparison! We were pretty bugged, but tried to make the best of it... so we spent fifteen minutes playing with the monkey and taking pictures of the sparse animals there.
Well, of course our camera battery ran out shortly after the last monkey picture. A few minutes after that we realized that you could curve around back and there were more chimps... a few steps later a herd of zebras, a rhino and ostriches... a few more steps and we discovered that we had another fifteen or so acres left to explore filled with animals. Pretty impressive for a local zoo actually. I counted 8 tigers, loads of monkey, a few giraffes, the usual. Our favorite, though, was the huge hippo just on the other side of some cactus (that I guess was supposed to contain this who-knows-how-many-pounds animal). We were only two feet away as his huge mouth chomped on some hay. That was pretty fun.
We ended up having a nice afternoon... only sorry that we don't have more pictures... we are horrible with keeping things (ie phones, cameras, video cameras, etc) charged, found, and in our hands.
I keep trying to work on that...


  1. Those pictures are too funny. I love that you guys didn't even realize all the animals were there for a while. haha It sounds like you are having such fun adventures :)

  2. Well at least the pics you did get are cute! Its so nice to be able to keep up with you here!!! You guys are so cute!

  3. A couple things: i WANT NEED AND HAVE TO HAVE that monkey! i have never seen anything so adorable.

    second, it makes me smile to see Ry wearing that WOCCU hat. I guess you being a Daddy's girl is really manifesting itself in your adult life. haha