Tuesday, March 2, 2010

So, after a long Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of unpacking Ryan and I decided to go on the ward temple trip.
Last time we went, we left at five am, waited 8 hours at the temple and returned at 9 pm without having even gone into the temple. The line to get into the temple was so packed with people that it took many hours to get through. Only two of prob 35 of our ward members made it in that day.
SO... they changed the temple trip to 2 am! Ha! Can't believe we got up at 1am, after a three hour nap, and got ourselves on the bus, but we did it! We got into the 6 am session and ended up doing work until about eleven. That's the longest for me so far. It was a very nice day and I think Ryan and I were blessed with added energy, because I hardly slept on the bus (Can't stand my bad sleeping habits. My body is programmed to sleep from 10pm- 7am in my own bed with very little variation). I really love to go to the temple and am so happy that our ward takes frequent trips to Mexico City for the temple. It is very dangerous to drive in Mexico City and I can bet that Ryan and I will never drive to the temple alone.
Anyways, here are a couple of pics of Ryan and I in front of the temple!

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  1. mi querida Hannah, me alegro tanto de que tengas tu hogar como lo quieres y al fin terminaste con las cajas por todos lados.
    el templo es hermoso, me alegro que al fin pudiras lograr el entrar a una secion.
    el esfuerzo valio la pena.
    un besito