Thursday, May 31, 2012

More Like a Journal Entry: Part two

So here is the other random part of this entry...  Here is a picture of Ryan's birthday with our friends. I know, a bit late!? yeah, only a month.

More park time. Again this was about a month and a half ago. Funny enough, we haven't been back to the park for awhile. We really do love our time there, though. 
Easton loves pushing the umbrella stroller all over the basketball court!

This picture is a bit overexposed. What you can't see is the blanket of purple
blossoms under our feet. The spring is filled with purple, fragrant trees.
This is what we attribute Violet's name to. We got her at the end of March, just
when the blossoms are in full throttle. So, Happy 2nd Birthday Violet!

And here are two random pictures of this cute little boy. I swear he just gets cuter and cuter to me! I love his slight curly hair and gummy grin! Easton is now a year and two months. He is so sweet and still very cuddly. He has been a bit whiney lately, probably because he has molars and all sorts of teeth coming in. His mouth is exploding right now. Poor kid. He also randomly changes his words around. I am no longer mama, but niania. Not sure where this came from, but oh well. He also says, bye, Violet, Sit, Dada, Mmmm, Ma (for more), Baa ("for stop it" or "leave me alone"), and I love hearing his sweet voice making sing song sounds as he admires and loves any dog that may be around, I now notice that my voice probably sounds really similar to his sometimes. This week he has been picking up walking much better. He is a little bit of a late bloomer for this, but I must admit when I am at the store with him, I am very grateful for this!

So here you go, a bunch of random things going on in this post, but whatev. I guess you kinda get the picture how our lives are a little random too.


  1. Those pictures are so precious. I just sat there and stared at each of them for minuets. I love you all and cant wait to see you in a couple months!!!!

  2. Holy smokes Hannah!!! Easton is precious, I want to eat him up!! What a darling family you guys make. I just love how happy he is too. It's been awhile since I've seen your blog so it's been great to catch up with you!! I love you and congratulations on becoming homeowners!! woot woot!! Now let's start planning our very long overdue reunion!!!