Saturday, December 10, 2011

Merry Mexican Christmas!

This last weekend Ryan and I headed downtown for a date. We went to see the lights and displays they put up in the plazas. It's pretty much the same every year, but it's still so fun to me. I thought I better share a blog about it though... cause I feel like it is so typical of the culture. One interesting part about it is that they include, in one of their scenes, Adam and Eve in the garden. In another scene, they have Hell. Interesting. I suppose they would like us to think about the fall and how Satan tempts us, and how we must use the atonement of Christ. I kinda like how they include different Biblical parts because I really does make you think about why we celebrate the birth of Christ and what it all means from a grander perspective.
Though, I totally admit that seeing Satan on his thrown with his imps and fire is pretty startling to see so nearby the gentle nativity scene.
I took some pictures, but only with a camera phone.

Satan on his throne

Another interesting scene is the one below, depicting a family of Mexicans with the pinata. Apparently, the Pinata with the nine points represent nine sins. Then you beat the sins with a stick till it is destroyed and you finally receive your small gifts and candy. That's where the whole pinata thing came from I guess.

Crap stupid blog erased the photo, ill upload it in a min. ...

and finally the giant Christmas tree...

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