Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall's Beauties!

So this is another belated blog, from last month. I went home to WI the end of Sept./beginning of Oct. I went at the prime time! I was getting pretty homesick for fall and sick of being at home so much. What a treat to go home and see the leaves change! I also got to help my sis, Belle, with Homecoming activities at school. I spent tons of time with my Mother! The trip, overall, was wonderful and was sooo needed. I felt very rejuvenated and lively by the time I came home again! Thanks Mom and Dad for spending time with me!

The first several pictures are from walking around the lake in Oconomowoc. This is one of my family's favorite things to do. It was my Mother's birthday this day, and this is what she requested to do. It was a lovely day!
The first pics are a stop-off along the walk. This is La Belle Cemetery, where my grandfather (Poppy) was buried. I always consider this one of the most peaceful places on Earth and have several loving memories of it when I visited it as a young girl.

The next pics are along the walk around the lake.

Yay!! A football game.
We didn't stay long, as we had to run a few errands, but I was so craving a good American football game. This is Oregon High School's homecoming game and we beat our rivalry from Stoughton!

Before the game was the local homecoming parade. My beautiful sister, Belle, was on the cheerleading float and I drove my Dad's car for some of the homecoming court!

Belle at the homecoming pep rally. Poor Belle was bombarded with hoots and hollers from Ryan and my Dad. This sort of thing embarrassed the crap out of me in high school, but I admit that it's great support! Go Belle!!
Belle is the one in the back, being held up!

This had to be my favorite moment while I was home. Dad, Mom, and I went to the lake in Madison and sat out on the pier, talking.
Man, did I love that time with them! Here are some pics!

I love these two!!

While driving back from some garage sales, Mom and I stopped at a farm and picked out some fall squash to decorate with and to eat! Not a big fan of eating this stuff, but they are neat to look at!

I absolutely loved being home! It made me excited to move back!


  1. I am so jealous. Some of your pictures are absolutely beautiful! Postcard worthy.

  2. I love your posts, do it more! :)

    But I am not going to talk to you til you start looking fat/pregnant. I am HUGE!!!

    Aw, I love those pictures... gosh that makes me wanna go visit my Grandma so bad. Don't you love being older and appreciating family in a different way than you did as a kid?

  3. aww hannah! these are beautiful! It makes me miss wisconsin so much! I can't wait to go home. Although my pictures will be of a Winter Wonderland... or so they call it. "For the beauty of the Earth!" haha Love you!

  4. Yes, so much Anna! I feel like I appreciate my time with my family so much more!
    Yay, you get to go home to Lil!! I hope that you enjoy it!